Help! Anyone tried installing Bugzilla?

I’m using the page to install Bugzilla but the page has some inconsistencies and I’ve tried several times without success.

For example, the page starts off suggesting you create a subdomain: and then goes on to say you should “cd” - should I take this as a typo because they really mean the subdomain or should I not second guess them and ignore the subdomain I just created?

I’ve tried both and neither one worked. That’s probably because there are a few more of those minor points (e.g. is the DB created over the domain or subdomain?) and they add up to too many possibilities.

Anyone with better luck?

No, you need to change directory to your “Web Directory” as DreamHost calls it; Apache calls it the “document root”, and the author of the wiki article calls it the “html directory”.

And if you forgot what your “Web Directory” is, in the DreamHost Web Panel, go to Domans -> Manage Domains and for the particular domain click on “Edit” and it will be shown where it says “Specify your web directory

As for setting up the MySQL database, it doesn’t matter what hostname you use as long as it is not used by any other service!

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Thanks for the reply but I did follow the instructions and I did go to the directory that is my web directory ( After following the wiki, I got an “Internal Server error” and so I tried the whole thing again but going to the directory I created as per the instructions ( It didn’t work there, either.

I was hoping to see what sort of error I got by following the logs file but, when I look at the http logs under ~/logs/ (as well as, I saw no activity, even when I hit a valid page.

Is there meant to be a real-time log I can reference?