Help an idiot with FTP please


I can barely spell the word FTP let alone FTP anything. I have a site that is hosted somewhere else. I want to move it to Dreamhost. I just paid for my account here. Now… what?

There’s a wiki that says I should FTP my site to my computer and then FTP it from my computer to Dreamhost and then transfer my registration.

That all makes sense to me but I need specific steps that are like “go here, click this” - can someone please oh please help me?


Do you have an EFF TEE PEE (just trying to help!) program? I hear that FileZilla (Windows) is decent.

  1. Create a folder (on your desktop, or wherever) and call it MYSITE.
  2. Use the FTP client to download everything into your MYSITE folder.
  3. Use DreamHost Control Panel->Manage Domains to Add New Domain/Subdomain. Make sure it’s Fully Hosted. Once this is created, take note of the Machine Name your site is on in the Manage Domains list.
  4. Use the FTP client to upload everything from your MYSITE folder to ‘machinename’ and into the folder called ‘yourdomain’.com (‘machinename’ and ‘yourdomain’ depend on your setup).

You don’t need to transfer your registration, but you will need to go to your Registrar (GoDaddy, whatever) and update the DNS Servers to:

If you want to view your new site before the change:

  1. Go to DreamHost’s Control Panel->Manage Domains->Add New Domain/Subdomain
  2. Create a Mirror Domain called ‘mydomain’ and have it mirror ‘mydomain’.com

Good luck!



Thank you Scott :smiley: You helped him and helped me. I was going nuts trying to figure out how I screwed up my site :slight_smile: I had everything in the wrong folder ><