Help about setting file max size and type in the policy document

Hi guys,

Can someone direct me to how I can setup the policy document, I would like to use “starts-with” to restrict accepted file to jpeg, png and pdf, also I would like to restrict the file size using “content-length-range”, but I have no idea how I can set the policy document ? and what to write on it exactly ?

Thank you in advance!

Shared Hosting, VPS, Dreampress, Dedicated Server or DreamCompute instance?

How/Where are these files being uploaded?

I think I posted this in DreamObjects forum ! So this is related to DreamObjects S3 API, sorry if my question wasn’t clear, I should specify that

You’re on the right track! The S3 documentation has good info on post uploads via a vanilla HTML form.

There are also examples on using them on the next page -

I know from your other post that you’re using ruby, so this may be helpful also -