Help a rookie out?

solved, simple solution!

Hey everyone, I’ll try to make this quick. I just wanted a decent website to show my photo/video stuff and maybe set up a blog.

I followed a tutorial on tuts plus, just to get a feel for it and learn what does what so I could change it up later.

—I decided to setup a lightbox. (easybox)
—It works perfectly when I preview from dreamweaver, but online it messes up. The lightbox doesn’t open, and the image tries to open way down toward the bottom left of the screen, most of it isn’t visible.

The url is

I just copied and pasted a sample image to get things going, so don’t judge the content yet :slight_smile:

If anyone could help me get this sorted out, that would be greatly appreciated!
If you need any more info from me I’ll try to provide it.

Thanks in advance.

I figured it out. The easybox folder has a folder within it called “styles” and it was accidentally put in a different folder when I uploaded it.

/Thread. Mod could probably delete it.