HELP a REALLY new newbie?

Ok… so we have our ftp site that is connected with our web page. We have our files for the web page in it, so we don’t want to hand out passwords and everything to that ftp site. However… we also need an ftp site to give to our clients to upload their files to us on an as-needed basis. We would need to give this ftp site to all of our clients.

When I log onto “Manage Domains”… I have 2 sites listed, with DNS Visit Webftp ftp and IP underneath them. Does that mean that we have 2 separate ftp sites? And I could use one of them for my client uploads, and keep the other for our own use?? I am SO completely lost with this, and apologize ahead of time for just not getting any of this, and perhaps asking some really dumb questions. Any help you could give me would be great.

I would at least create a new ftp user (or multiple users) for your account. This way, your customers would have a segregated area for their uploads. The only complication for you is that these files would be located in a different home directory from your regular website(s), so you’d have to copy them over.

I imagine that this might work out better for you than many other options. Let us know if it does appeal to you and I or one of your other fine neighbors will be able to provide more specific instructions. You might also think about whether you want just one login for all customers or a different one for each. Obviously, the latter is more time consuming to set up but it does provide better security and privacy for your customers.

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One other option is not letting them use FTP, but a Web page.

My company has people uploading file from anywhere, the files are uploaded & moved off the web root.

This allows easy uploading of the files, and prevents unauthorized viewers from downloading the files.

No. It depends on how many FTP users you have created. One FTP user can manage more than one domains. For example, if you set one FTP user to manage the two domains, FTP users will see the two folders when they log in. If you set two FTP users manage the two domains separately, user only sees the domain folder under its control.

That is why Lesman suggests you to create a new FTP user.

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I think that is generally a better way to go for accepting uploads, and that’s how I set it up for all my client who desire such a feature. :slight_smile: