Help a newbie with a domain


hi everyone. i have the crazydomain insane plan and it’s working perfectly. now i wanna set up a new blog with a different domain. i got the domain now. but i dont know what to do next. do i have to transfer my new domain to dreamhost? or should i just make a subdomain from my dreamhost domain then mirror?

HELP please? =(


Did you register a domain somewhere, or are you using a “dreamhosters” domain? It sounds like you registered a new domain name. If so:

Make sure that the registration settings for the new domain have its DNS servers set for, and

In the Control Panel, go to Manage Domains->Add New Subdomain/Domain and put your domain info into the Fully Hosted section.



You could mirror, but Dreamhost’s plans allow you to host an unlimited number of domains on your plan, so there really is no need to do that.

I suggest just going to the registrar where you registered the new domain, and set the DNS entries to be:

then, go to the Dreamhost Control panel, select Add a Domain, and enter the new domain name.

As soon as DNS propagates, you will be “good to go”.

(All this is covered, rather thoroughly, in the DreamHost Wiki Just read carefully the section that describes your circumstance).