Hello ,my Account have beening pending too long

my pending habe been singup today at 12:00pm

it is about 12 hours long ,

it is also being pending~~~

so , could you tell me how long will i wait
#319624 “Hetu’s Account” (pending)

First, please understand that this is a customer to customer forum. We’re happy to help, but we don’t have any special powers.

That said, sign ups seem to take anywhere from a few min to several days. The best thing to do is to contact support and ask how things are going. They’re a surprisingly helpful bunch, support. It’s possible they’ll ask you to fax in a form to help verify your account.

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Hi Yehetu,

Be patient. I once got activated after 3 days. It has been discussed in this thread.

It may just billing administration pending. I believe you already can access web panel, so meanwhile do contact the support about this issue from the panel.


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Did you pay via Google Checkout?

I recall a DreamHost rep saying that it can take a few days for Google to notify DreamHost that the payment has been received.


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Thanks for you all~

i pay it by google~it seems that Dreamhost give me a suprice…

one of my clients signed up and paid on june 1

on June 13 (yesterday) he finally received his approval notification

I think it varies, but my client knew of the recent ftp issues, and was somewhat patient during the two week wait.

Wow, that is a long wait for approval. When I signed-up a couple of years ago, paying by PayPal, I recall everything being up and working within 10 minutes.

Can I ask what country your client is from? Perhaps applications from some parts of the world take longer to approve.


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2 weeks ??

Wow… Perhaps DH guys must make some explanations on this billing/activation. An FAQ or a blog ?


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This is an interesting proposal! I could see it being valuable for two reasons:

  1. Making sure that people don’t do things that cause delays (or denial) in their approval. For instance, we already know that putting in a fake address is a bad thing.
  2. Setting people’s expectations for how long the approval process will take. This is harder because we know that there is a great deal of variance - from 10 minutes to 2 weeks just from the anecdotal evidence in this thread. I’m confident that the happy DreamHost account approval team doesn’t just arbitrarily vary the time they take for approvals - I’m sure there’s a “reason” for every “delay”.

Here’s what makes it hard: It seems to me that most people (macinarizona’s client excepted) have an expectation of instantaneous account approval. Thus, most of the posts on this subject that we see here on the board say “my account is taking too long to activate.” (Parenthetically, I’d guess that these are people whose patience hasn’t been tempered by the horrors of the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Passport Office or the Department of Immigration) Anyway, this makes it difficult to gather reliable information on which to base estimates of how long accounts take to activate.

Anyway, it’s potentially a good idea!

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Thanks Lensman for supporting the idea.

And yeah… I think it’s worth for them to working on that. Yesterday I had a chat with a friend who once refer me to this host. You know what he’s saying ? He got an idea if DH just need to make sure their resources are available - space stack, bandwidth, etc - before they approving any account. He wonders if they running sort for that.

I don’t agree with him as I think it may be a matter of avoiding fraud or something. But it is just me. :slight_smile:


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Just check on the wiki, worth to see for anyone who has pending account :



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The user that took 2 weeks is in Arizona, where I am.

Let me elaborate a little…

Initially I had the user’s website under my hosting plan. but due to the fact that I didn’t want him using my resources, or sell him hosting, I contacted dreamhost and told them what I was doing, he was purchasing his own hosting plan. I requested that they remove him completely from the dreamhost system so that he may create his own account, and pay for his own plan (he did not use a promo code, and payed for two years in advance.)

They removed him from the system, and he then signed up from his home or business computer, with his own CC and webid.

This may have been part of the reason it took two weeks, or it may have been from the problems that were occurring with the ftp. I did instruct him after one week to contact dreamhost, which I am assuming he did through the panel, but I am not sure how he contacted dreamhost.

In all, I was still working on his site, so he wasn’t in a stringent hurry.