Hebrew filename - possible?


I uploaded a JPG file with a hebrew filename - in the FTP I can view it properly, but the webserver returns a 404 error for it. is it possible to use hebrew filenames at all?

here is the link to the file:

btw, it anyone wonders why I need it - it is for SEO purposes.

thanks in advance,

Ofir Avrahamov

The characters aren’t coming out properly in this forum, probably because the forum pages are served under the character encoding iso-8859-1 (a Western encoding) rather than an encoding that includes Hebrew.

Traditionally, non-ASCII characters are not allowed in URLs under the RFC documents that define the URL format. They must be encoded as sequences of percent signs and hexadecimal digits, and until fairly recently it was not well-defined what character encoding such sequences were to be considered to be from (I think presently they’re expected to be in UTF-8).

There are some new standards for internationalized URLs now, but they’re not consistently supported in browsers.

– Dan

Some more references to character encoding and URL issues:

– Dan