Heads Up re. Flash 10 and WordPress / Joomla!

It’s really hard to write this post without editorializing, but I’m going to try to stick to the facts and avoid ranting about my feelings with regards to using Flash in open source projects … really, I’m going to try

Short Version:

If you are using, and rely upon, the “Flash Upload” functionality of WordPress or Joomla!, DO NOT UPGRADE TO FLASH 10, at least for now. Flash 10 will break that functionality.

Longer Version:

On of the nicest things about the web is that linking enables you to avoid having to restate things others have already said, so if you want to get the fuller picture on this situation, here are some links that you will find interesting and that explain pretty well what is happening here:

Flash Player 10 Beta breaks file upload (26 posts) - from the WordPress Support Forums

Blog post from a Joomla! Core Developer

Now, how could this have been avoided? Well, if these open source projects had remained true to their open source roots and refrained from embracing proprietary …

(oh yeah, I promised not to rant … sorry!)

–DreamHost Tech Support

What’s that magic link to check your Flash player version? I’m pretty sure I updated one of my computers, but can’t remember which. I’ve got computers like McCain has houses.



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I couldn’t agree more. Open Source core should stick strictly with Open Source code.

I notice a WP Moderator tried to lay the blame at Adobe’s feet for WP’s shortcomings. Absurd!

Just to add some clarification; rl is not suggesting that noone update to Flash 10. The newest Adobe release fixes a very real security issue in it’s product and everyone should be urged to update as soon as is practicable. The warning is directed entirely toward users who are relying strictly upon the poor decision of hacking in a js controlled flash library as a core component onto otherwise first-rate Open Source products.

Hopefully the respective Devs will learn from this.

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Exactly. And thank you for that clarification!

–DreamHost Tech Support

This explains A LOT. Have been having some issues for a couple weeks and just sort of dealt with it rather than trying to fix it.