Header rotator php



I am basically code illiterate outside of HTML & CSS, and not exactly an expert in those. I’ve been trying to set up a non-javascript heater rotator for my movabletype site, with mixed results–best I can do is get is a warner that I can’t modify my header. I’ve read a bit from the wiki and prior Q & As, but I have not been able to parse exactly what I need to do.

I understand that Dreamhost disables a protocol used by commor rotator.php or rotate.php scripts on the web, but my changing per the recommended lines in the wiki still doesn’t work. If anyone has simple step by step cut and paste recommendations for a complete noob, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!!


I’m not familiar with MT at all but it sounds like maybe you should try to find a “plugin” or “mod” for this from the MT community if you’re illiterate. Rotators are fairly straightforward and probably the #1 “most-likely-to-be-available” add on for most open source cms type apps.

What I’m assuming is happening is that the scripting you’ve added is sending headers, AND the MT scripts are sending headers as well. By using something that’s built to work within MT your headers will get sent once, and things’ll work :slight_smile: and like I said, I’d bet money that a rotator plugin/mod is available already



Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been that easy. I’ve gone line by line on my template codes, stripped out possible conflicts & inserted multiple plugins on different test sites, with modifications as necessary. I can get javascript rotation to work, but I’d like to avoid javascript if necessary. PHP is a different story–none of the common standard rotator php scripts work. Add to that the comments re php in the wiki, and it seems to me the problem lies not with any MT conflict but adjustments I need to make to the php code.


of course, I didn’t mean to imply that MT code was screwey, just that you can’t send the headers twice, MT already does it, your script does as well, so… not good. So you are correct (IF my assumption regarding the actual error is correct) in saying that the rotator code you’re using needs to be modified! It needs to run within MT and not independent of it.

Of course, this is all assuming that it’s a “headers already sent” error… if you’d post the exact error message and the code for the rotator, there may someone around here that could tell you how to get it to run properly within MT’s framework.



Thanks again, and so fast! I’m going to run the alistapart rotator again & see if I can’t copy the error message here.


Worked fine a few times, but then I got this message:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by rotator.php on line 191
GIF89aP?p???ff??,P???˭Ϙ?ڋ?޼??∖ဤꊶçֵ纎΂h ?p???GQ˥?H鍎T?8djO6bʋ@??? ɹ9a???L5 ?? Ï


Got it–thanks!