Header Image not being rendered



Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is a theme issue or an installation issue, but hopefully someone can tell me…

I’ve just installed WordPress via the “Goodies” section on the Admin Panel, and the install seems to have gone fairly smoothly.

That said, I can’t get the image for the header to show up – The customization page says there is a header image but the preview never shows it, and neither does the site when the change is saved.

Here’s the screenshot of the customizer…

From what I gather, the theme should have the header image butt-up against the navigation shadow, but when I inspect the source and compare it with the demo for the theme I have, the DOM element just isn’t there…

I thought the message:
"While you can crop images to your liking after clicking Add new image, your theme recommends a header height of 0 pixels."
Just above the Current Header was a bit odd though, but I don’t know enough to make that call.

Here’s a screenshot of the source from the template (right), and mine (left) of the front page.

Is this a WordPress issue, or do I need to get in touch with the theme author?


Sorry, for reference, this is the demo site: http://africa-first.sdl-profile.net/
and this is mine: https://abbeygate-africa.world-recoded.com

for those who want to have a look