Having trouble uploading a mysql backup

I’m trying to upload a mysql database backup from my old host, and it will create the correct amount of records (and replicate the database structure), but the actual data is not loaded – despite being in the .sql file.

Here is a sample entry:

INSERT INTO data (id, gfid, email, aimmsn, location, password, mainacct, randomcode, confirmed, url) VALUES (1, 129334, ‘omlette@omlette.net’, ‘aimname’, ‘state’, ‘password’, ‘omlette’, ‘582628458’, 1, ‘’);

And the version/date information from the .sql backup:

– phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
– version 2.6.0-pl3

– Host: localhost
– Generation Time: Dec 22, 2004 at 04:58 PM
– Server version: 4.0.22
– PHP Version: 4.3.9

– Database: omlette_luecount

How can I correctly upload this file and restore all of the data? Thanks