Having trouble logging in

Yes, I have gone to the Emergency Status page but there is nothing there to indicate a problem going on. This has been happening two days in a row now. Problem is, in order for me to let them know there is a problem I need to log in. It seems to want to connect but never does. I finally have to hit Stop and try again with no luck.

Hopefully someone that can help with read this.

Oh, I should mention I have no trouble using FTP to get to my sites files, and my pages seem to be loading fine. It is just the log-in panel that won’t load.

Are you talking about the control panel? There are the usual suggestions:
Try a different browser
Clear your DreamHost cookies

I just checked, and the panel is working for me.


Sometimes there are issues with the request being properly forwarded. Try some variations of the panel url:


Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.