Having problems with formmail

I have been trying to use formmail today to send an email to an email address that I created about a week ago for my website, which is hosted by dreamhost.

Here is the relevant code:

However, every time I try to send an email through the form, I get this error:

Please make sure you have filled in the required recipient form field, and that the e-mail address used is hosted with DreamHost.

As a spam-prevention matter, we can now only allow our formmail to forward to email addresses hosted with us. If you’d like the recipient to be an email not hosted with us, please just create an address @yourdomain.com to forward there!

The recipient was: [ contact@********* ]

This is really frustrating, as I think my code is correct. Can anyone help in finding what I am doing wrong?


Yeah, OK - so…like magic…things start working, without me changing any code. Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhh!

I’ve had that happen too with Dreamhost’s formmail…I think it is related to how long it takes DH to create a new mailbox, as in my case, I was testing with a “newly created” (same day) mailbox - and sometimes I have it seen take hours/overnight for a “new” mailbox to be available.