Having problems with CNAME and A-Records interfering with Exchange Online

Ticket #5915029, little over ~5.5hrs old.

Was wondering if anyone could possibly shed any light on this.

I had added custom CNAME and A-Records to my domain CSSFREEZERS.COM in order to link our Squarespace site to our domain.

I had followed Squarespace’s instructions found here:

I had done this once before, but after 48 hours, Outlook’s auto discover functionality broke and users could not connect to Exchange Online via Outlook. After removing the added CNAME and A-Record entries, a few days later all user issues had resolved, and users could connect to their online Exchange accounts via Outlook once again.

I have re-added the CNAME entry again, and the same behavior has occurred. Would you have any idea WHY this would be happening or any other possible resolutions? I have opened a support ticket with Microsoft on this as well, and they’re saying it’s on our end/hosts end. Is the Squarespace info wrong?

Thanks guys.

I don’t see the Squarespace DNS records on your domain right now. What were they?

I had removed them this morning, but here is what they were (screenshot):

Type: CNAME, value is: [www.squarespace6.com.]

Type: A record, value is: []

That’s definitely odd — none of the changes I see in that screenshot look like they should have interfered with Exchange autodiscovery, unless there’s something seriously broken about how that works (e.g, if the CNAME on www to Squarespace makes it start searching there). Can you let us know exactly what you were told by Exchange support?

Comparing yours to mine i see one of the text records is different… specifically I have

msoid.MYDOMAINNAME.com CNAME clientconfig.microsoftonline-p.net.

not sure if that’s the issue, but the other 3 records seem to be in line with mine.

Hope that helps.
Have you tried the domain troubleshooter in the exchange admin panel? Also check propagation using a tool like http://whatsmydns.com

I have that identical entry towards the bottom, but I appreciate you taking a look at it!
Have received this back from support:

[quote]Thank you for contacting DreamHost Support. Cname records only work for subdomains, so you would be adding it for www.CSSFREEZERS.COM. However you already have a record for www.CSSFREEZERS.COM that is for the fully hosted. So your domain would have multiple records then and would be jumping between the two. THe reason why is because you added the custom records, but the fully hosted records are still in place. You will need to set the domain to dns only on the manage domains page to have those records removed. I can remove them for you and set to dns only, I just need you to verify that you would like for me to make those changes. Also, you would want to add a record for the CSSFREEZERS.COM domain as well. If you have anymore questions or require any more assistance please do not hesitate to ask. We are always here and happy to help.

Thank you for contacting DreamHost Support. [/quote]

Originally the domain was Fully Hosted. When I added the entries, I changed it to DNS Only, like I was told. Things broke, I removed the custom entries, and switched it back to Fully Hosted like it had been previously.

I feel like Dreamhost support is behind a lot of the time. I have already removed the entry records myself, and they are asking me if I want the records removed? Couldn’t they just simply check and see that they are in fact, no longer there? Shouldn’t that take maybe 30 seconds to check?