Having problem transferring the doamin

Hi guys! Nice to meet you all!
Currently, I’ve several sub-domains setup in DH. One of my friends has register a domain name with other domain name registration company(e.g. ABC) and wanted to transfer the domain name and map it to one of my sub-domain.

What procedures will be needed to map his domain name with my sub-domain? Do I’ve to contact ABC and fill in any information? Or I just need to do it in DH? I’ve check out the DH wiki and it seems there is something to do with transfer registration option but I don’t get it.

Thanks for your time and really appreciate for any help!


you can host the domain in DH by setting up the dns servers.


You can check DH panel --> Domains to manage your domains and subdomains.

You may want to refer this post on how to host domain in DH http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showthreaded.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_troubleshooting&Number=70107&Search=true&Forum=All_Forums&Words=domain&Match=Entire Phrase&Searchpage=2&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=70107

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Do you want to host the domain here at DreamHost and leave the domain name registered at ‘ABC’, or host the domain here and transfer the domain name registration to DreamHost as well?


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