Having problem connecting to blog from Europe

I set up a wordpress blog for my niece before she left to study in Italy. I got this from her this morning:

“I would write on my blog more often…but there’s some sort of problem, and all the computers in the comp. lab here at CAPA give me a message that says it cannot open the page where I write and then it says operation aborted. I don’t understand why. I have been trying to get online using my laptop but the connection is TERRIBLE and it never works. Do you know what the problem might be at all?”

Can anyone, particularly anyone familiar with European connections, tell me what may be the problem? Could it be because an Italian IP address is trying to get into a US computer? I have a young cousin on an archaeological dig in Hungary who continued to post to her facebook account with no problem.

If it is some setting in the school’s computer lab, what should I tell her to ask the lab tech to look for to help? If it is some setting on the server blocking their lab computers, what do I ask DreamHost support?

Anyone know where to start looking for answers?


It looks like a connection problem. Maybe, this is only my guess, the campus has a very poor connection to USA. If that is the case, we can’t help :frowning:

We can do few test:

  1. Are you able to access the blog from your home?
  2. Is your niece able to access other websites hosted outside of Italy?

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I can connect to her site with no problem and right now she is emailing her posts to me and I am putting them into her blog.
She was able to get into her Photobucket account.
I gave her a list of other US sites to see if she can get to them, some hosted at dreamhost and on other servers, so we’ll see if she can get into any of them.

She probably needs to talk to tech support for campus IT in Cortona, Venice or wherever she is. Likely it’ll take a week and lunch before she’ll get a response. :slight_smile: