Having my domain name forward to my site


I just registered my domain name with Dreamhost.


I want this to forward to my smugmug site.


How do I do that without a host account?


I don’t think you can, unless SmugMug allows you to CNAME your domain over to them. Without Hosting, you’re not going to be able to customize DNS.



Do other domain name companies allow me to do this?


Without a hosting plan, the only DNS customization you can make is to your nameservers, so you won’t be able to directly point your domain to dmugmug.

That said, you can point your nameservers to an outside DNS service where you can modify the records further. Google should point your to several, or maybe other members here can recommend one. :wink:



I have no idea of what to be kind of DNS service to be looking for on google. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.



if you looked for help @ smugmug : http://www.smugmug.com/help/professional-accounts

You would see that you need to use CNAME to point to your domain from another domain registrar.

If you go to the dreamhost Support wiki, and type in CNAME, youd likely find : http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Custom_DNS

And read somewhere on that page:

"Custom CNAME Record

Click the DNS link located under your domain here.
Enter www or another desired sub domain in the Name: field.
Change the Type: to CNAME.
Enter in the domain of where you’d like to point the domain in the Value: field. Eg. newserver.newhost.com.
Click the Add Record Now! button to add the record."

I would recommend reading the entire wiki document though and perhaps searching further for help as needed.



Actually this is only possible for pro users and not power.

I need to know the second site DNS services.



[quote]If you go to the dreamhost Support wiki, and type in CNAME, youd likely find : http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Custom_DNS

And read somewhere on that page:…[/quote]
Which is great, except that in the original poster’s case, as he has no hosting plan with DreamHost, this DNS customization is not available to him at DreamHost. :wink:



What you are looking for is a DNS service that whose nameservers you can use, and customize. Since you have registered your domian with DreamHost, you would then put that services nameservers into your whois information at DreamHost, and do your cname customization to point it to smugmug on that service (if, in fact “power” users at smugmug can even do that - I don’t know).

One such DNS service is http://www.tzo.com/ , though I do not “recommend” them (I have never used them). Hopefully some users here who do use such services could share their information.

Note that some other registrars provide more flexibioity in customizing DNS than DreamHost does for “non-hosting” or “registration only” accounts. If you do not plan to host at DreamHost and want to keep you actual site at smugmug, maybe such a registrar would better suit your needs. :wink:



my bad… and my apologies for the misinformation…

…guess I just dont know why someone wouldn’t host with dreamhost :wink:

samulle: I hope you find the answer you are looking for!



What I want to do I think is called forwarding.

I should look for another service to do this, Correct?

The other route to send from Dream host to another to smugmug just makes the chain longer, correct?

Any other examples of services that can do this?

I dont do hosting here because all I need is a personal domain name.


You only have one choice: Find a DNS service, and set your nameservers to what they provide. The only DNS service I’ve had experience with is DynDNS.com.



I’ve looked at this and its all greek to me. If someone could explain a step by step action I would be very very thankful


A little bit of nameserver changing, a free hosting site to proxy, and a bit of Javascript could do it.