Having lots of problems installing Moodle 2.2... HELP!



Has anyone installed Moodle 2.2 succesfully? I’m having a lot of problems, 500 Internal Server Error, Could not find a top-level course!.. All with a fresh install and a new database…
I have a basic hosting, no VPS or anything. 1.9 worked great with the one click install and I pass all the server requirements check prior to the installation of Moodle 2.2.
Any idea what I’m missing?

Any help would very appreciated!


Same problems!
Any idea or solutions ?


Turns out that 2.2 requires much more from your hosting than 1.9. I had to upgrade to a VPS a private database to get it installed and running…


Hi there. Did you have to make specific changes to make it work? I am on a dedicated server, and the install keeps giving me “Could not find a top-level course!”.

Thank you


Just a dedicated server, a private MySql database and some help from tech support…

Good luck!


A little “how to” I created on this forum for installing Moodle 2.x on Dreamhost shared hosting: