Having issues uploading with Rapidweaver

I’m not a geek and created my website with rapidweaver which has it’s build in FTP. I have just signed up with Dreamhost. My website was hosted and would upload find to Powweb. but Changed all the settings and it looks correct yet it gives me an error saying either password or user name not correct. If I go to advanced settings and check SFTP then I get an error saying “Failed to start SSH session: -5” nothing about incorrect password or user name. Baffled what to try next. Anyone here familiar with rapidweaver? Thanks so much for any help!

One thing to check would be that your username in the connection doesn’t need to be in the form of user@domain – just use the name.

With respect to the SFTP error, I’m not at all familiar with the rapidweaver software, however a quick search indicates that you can Export the site into a local directory and then use a more rigorous SFTP client to handle the SFTP connection and upload via that. Cyberduck seems to be the goto option for Mac users.

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