Having general problems

i think most of it is just due to being a noob.

I have domain www.matt-leahy.com I just logged into it via FTP and uploaded a bunch of pictures and an mp3 into a folder named matt-leahy. I dont know their URLs/how can I find them? Is there a way to access a parent directory? I want to be able to link them to my MySpace.


When you up-loaded your files you should have found a directory labeled matt-leahy.com and placed your pictures and such there (or in directories under matt-leahy.com)

Putting your files there makes it so that when you go to www.matt-leahy.com you see your stuff (if there’s not a index file then you’ll just get a file listing).

if you create a diectory under matt-leahy.com then you’ll go to www.matt-leahy.com/new-directory/ to see thoes files.

If you want more of an explantion this K-base area may be of help.


ahh found out the problem, i was logging under a different user rather than the owner.

now it wont let me upload mp3s. WTF?