Having custom theme local to live

Hi there,

So I have been at this for awhile and know there is most likely a very simple solution. I have quite a basic custom design I made in Photoshop then brought over to Dreamweaver. From there I downloaded “starkers” blank wordpress theme and started transferring/editing over the index.php, style.css, etc. Then i proceeded in purchasing “desktopserver” to (which I assumed would be easy) and upload my finish site to the ftp and shazam I would see it in my wordpress dashboard. However, I’ve seemed to have gotten myself further lost and overwhelmed and have no idea how to get my custom design up and running. I have already posted a thread to wordpress but figured I should post one here as well…since I feel like I am totally missing a huge step with my host.

Do I need just need to upload my files to the ftp every time I want to make a design live? …or is this the dumbest question anyone’s ever seen and I should call it quits now…


Just upload the theme folder to the corresponding location within your live site and activate the theme from WP Admin (if it wasn’t already).