Having a problem with my upload speeds, anyone else seeing that?

Okay, let’s try rewording the subject and body to avoid a robot hiding my post.

I am seeing my FTP uploads (of updates to my site) being throttled when it hits around 250 kb. It is being throttled to about 10 kbps (hello 1980s!).

My client and configuration have not changed.
Speedtest.net tells me that I have an upload bandwidth of 8.77 Mbps. So the pipe is not the issue.

Anyone else seeing a problem with this?

So, some Dreamhost autocensorship bot decided to hide this. Now that it is visible, the issue has been resolved. Here is the story.

It turns out there was an unusually high load on the server. DH did not explain the cause, just that they would work on it. It was mostly resolved within 15 minutes or so.

So, if you see this, I would suggest immediately opening a support chat session, if you need it resolved quickly, as I did.

The more you know…

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