Haven't been able to access panel in days?

I haven’t been able to access my control panel in nearly a week now. I obviously can’t send in a support ticket, as I can’t access the panel!

I have tried, both at work and at home:

www.panel.dreamhost.com (I know this shouldn’t work at all, but it was worth a shot…)

Each one responds with a 404.

I have also tried logging in from the dreamhost.com main page customer login, only to get a 404 when I put in my username and password.


Also you are required to allow cookies and javascript from DreamHost.

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Forgot to mention I’ve tried that one too (even though I’d never had to use it before).

And cookies/javascript enabled. I’m getting a 404 though.

Try a different browser.
Or try the IP address: (it responds, but I haven’t tried logging in)
Or try yet another location and browser besides home and work.


Have tried with IE6, IE7, and Firefox Tried all domains plus the IP address.

No dice. Not a DNS issue.

Work and home are on two different ISPs (one is Bellsouth and the other is the Mississippi Department of Education). There is no need to try a third location. All other websites, secure, encrypted, or not work. Dreamhost.com itself works. My website works. But the panel does not.

Also, I cannot retreive a directory listing when FTPing to my site (I can log in, but the connection times out when trying to get a directory list, using IE or Filezilla).

[quote]I obviously can’t send in a support ticket, as I can’t access the panel!


Man, that’s annoying.

If you have an old email from an old support reply, you can respond to that and it should get through. Or you could try the general contact form.

Maybe this is (one way) how they got:


or maybe it’s related to the need for:


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Maybe you could beta test the new support form:


or maybe your problem is related to that…

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Have you checked to see if you’ve accidentally blocked yourself with an ad-blocker, firewall, etc…?

Does a tracert to panel.dreamhost.com make it all the way?

You could contact support here, but I’m not sure what they could do, since the panel is working. I’d send the traceroute info with your request, since they’ll probably ask for it anyway.

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371t3 hax0r Se7en0f9,

yes, we turned off the web panel in order to decrease support. at first we were going to do a database software upgrade, but then decided to just turn everything off since that seemed easier and our friend said it would probably be okay.

Nice, Michael, but have you been able to help him out? Your response doesn’t so indicate.

Yes, I get that you were joking, but it wasn’t the usual constructive response I expect of you.



Feliz el cinco de Mayo! :wink:

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