Have tried everything I've found, no media library but files in wp-content/uploads



I’m desperate. Have done a couple of wp sites so I’m still a novice, but this problem has me stumped. Built the site locally and migrated to Dreamhost. Everything pretty much ok but only broken link thumbnails in media library, so I tried to fix that now it says “No Media Files Found.” Files are in wp-content/uploads. Here’s a list of things I’ve done:
-restored my db hoping that might clear out something
-made sure uploads folder has 755 permissions and files have 644 permissions
-reloaded basic WP .htaccess file
-turned off plugins
-Unchecked “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”
-exhausted every thread and post I could find on how to fix this.
I’d appreciate any new suggestions. This is taking much too long and I know the answer is out there somewhere…


So little information, I can’t really give you much help :frowning: What’s the url of this site? what’s in error.log of your web server? I suspect that when you moved from localhost to your final site, you have (not) changed the root URL of your WordPress… or that .htaccess may have been confused. Hard to say without more details.


Did you solve this?
Thank you!