Have tried every iOS email topic. Still can't send email

I have tried every variation on how to set up Dreamhost email on iOS, but I still can’t send email. Sometimes I’ll get it working for a while and then, without any changes to my device, it will just stop being able to send email. It just shows an error in a popup over and over that it can’t send the email I just sent. This time I couldn’t even find an “Outbox” on my iPhone to delete the email it was trying to send, so I had to delete the email account completely from my phone just so I could use it without that stupid popup showing every minute.

So, knowing full well that someone is going to roast me for even asking this question AGAIN, how on earth do I get a stable setup on iOS for retrieving and sending email via Dreamhost? Here’s what I’ve tried over and over. The password is correct because it works on desktop Outlook.

host: mail.yourdomain.com
username: youruser@yourdomain.com
password: your password, same one supplied for inbound mail (MUST BE entered, not an option as the iPhone screen says.)
Use SSL: on
Authentication: password
server port: 587

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