Have to change hosting


I all,
I need to go dedicated because my sites are having too much visitors dor a shared server. I tried to continue on the shared server until DH dedicated servers woludl be available again, but in the last few days DH team wrotes me many times so I cannot continue waiting. But I like DH so I’m looking for a month by month solution (to switch back asap DH sells dedicated servers again).

My site is essentially a forum (phpbb) with large mysql db (it’s not a single forum) and my traffic is now = 1GB/day.

Can anyone suggest me a hosting service I can pay month by month (without setup fees) to usa until I can switch back?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thats bad luck there Ciao121, I guess that answers what a few people have been asking on the forums of late, there are still no dedicated servers available at Dreamhost.

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Do you mean you’re exceeding the cpu minutes rather than the bandwidth since even at 1GB you’d have plenty left?

You could try a VPS say at PowerVPS. They offer a month by month option and their support is very good.



Yes, my problem is cpu usage, not bandwidth. I’m looking at PowerVPS and I find “Equal share CPU”. I imagine this should means that cpu is dedicated equally to all server’s users… but what can this means? How may users on one server? And wich is the shared cpu? I’m writing them to know, but in the meantime… do you know something more?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I do have a server there but it might be quicker and more accurate for you to put your queries in the forum at VPS Forum.
If you use the Pre-Sales Questions forum you’ll get a good answer. The support people actually read and write in the forum. You may even find an answer there.



dedicated servers at m5hosting.com