Have Some Google Apps Questions and Other Email questions

It has been a while since I have registered and fully hosted a new domain so when I went to do this today I noticed all the Google Apps stuff available. I don’t remember ever hearing, or reading about this before so I have some questions that relates to this, or maybe just some tips would be welcome. I am just looking for the most efficient way to handle information about all this stuff going forward. Where I can access accounts, mail, etc. and be able to do it without having 50 bookmarks of login pages.

First of all, I plan to use these services because they sound and look easy to use once implemented. I just need a little help getting started and exactly what I am looking at in terms of time to read about this, or what all I need to do. Preferably an idiot’s guide since I am reading the wiki page right now, but my brain is foggy so I hope for some extra hand holding :D.

1. Original “Full Hosting” of a domain: I have the choice of Google Hosted services w/ G-mail (fine I want G-mail hosted e-mail, but more later), and the other is Google Apps. It tells me to sign up for Google Apps, but do I need to sign up? I already have a Google G-mail, and all around Google Account (Never actually signed up directly for Apps, however). Can I just use this, or should I make a new one?

Let’s say for simplicity sake that I just want to set up a Wordpress blog on this domain. How is everything going to change for me here? Is Google Apps adding new places I need to login, or what exactly new do I have to deal with going forward with all these changes? More or less, WHAT is Google hosting/apps/whatever going to change for me compared to what I do now and what do I need to know?

2. G-Mail: I use G-mail as my personal mail already and definitely want to set ALL my domains up with this service. I need to both make the NEW domain work with this, and transfer the OLD ones (I am not concerned about any save mails at this time so no need for any files here).

What I REALLY want to know is…Is there a way to access all of these e-mails with updates in the personal e-mail I am logged into all the time? (Bear with me. I haven’t used DH mail services on my sites yet, but want to start doing so. This is why I am quite unfamiliar with any section on the DH panel that would help here) I want to have some sort of notification system for all these site e-mails to come to me somehow, but I am unsure how to do it without logging into whatever Google account that is. I don’t wnat to have to log in to 10 different Google Accounts regularly to check these things.

Let’s just say I am not concerned about getting a billion e-mails from these sites at this time , but if you have other suggestions on how to get updates in some sort of App on a browser too it would help as well where I didn’t have to keep logging in and out of a Google Account all day. I won’t check this stuff daily so I wnat to be notified while doing normal stuff somehow. (Chrome, or Firefox)

3. Migrating Old Domains to New System: I am fine with how things are now, but I would be more than willing to swap all this stuff over to the new Google Apps route because it would just make sense to have it all o the same applications. Is there a dummy guide to do this? Are there any advantages to leaving it as is? My main goal here is to have an actual “hub” for EVERYTHING such as logging into my domains, as well as notifications for e-mails. Is DH still the “Hub” I would use, or is there a better way?

I think that is enough for starters. I appreciate any help. Just feels like a lot of new stuff for me to try and incorporate right now and I am one of those people that likes things much less complicated and streamlined. (ie. all my website stuff in one place and to be notified when I get mail from ANY of them).