Have one-click Wordpress installed at subdomain, want to move to domain URL

I’m not a development pro by any means. When I created my website at DH, I used the Wordpress one-click application under the subdomain blurrradial.brianjacobson.com. Now I want get rid of the subdomain, or at least direct brianjacobson.com to the Wordpress site, but I can’t figure out how. Can anyone help? I am using the “easy”, fully hosted version of WP, and so can’t even see my root directory or any of my files (that I know of). Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks much.

with the easy install you can only do a redirect (under manage domains)
or start over if it is still an empty WP and do a custom install

Thanks for the reply. I tried the redirect, but it didn’t allow it from the subdomain to the domain. I’m wondering if I might not have to delete it and start over, or do a new install, then delete it when it’s ready. Any other thoughts from anyone?

If record for the domain is “fully hosted” you will need to delete hosting on the domain then apply the redirect from the domain to the sub-domain.

Your wording …

seems backwards to me, in your case you would be re-directing the domain to the sub-domain.

What I mean is that my sub-domain with wordpress is working (http://www.blurradial.brianjacobson.com) while my original, now being hosted with dreamhost (where I one-click installed wordpress) does not (http://brianjacobson.com). I got rid of the quickstart.html in the WebFTP, which is why it looks that way now.

I need brianjacobson.com to either go to the wordpress account I just created, or I make a splash page on Dreamhost with link that goes to the unintended sub-domain name.

Remove hosting from http://brianjacobson.com/ via manage domains in the panel. (press the remove button in the web hosting column). Do this for the domain, NOT the sub-domain which should be listed on the next line.

Then click the "add new domain sub-domain near the top of the manage domains page. Don’t fill out the first section of the page title ‘fully hosted’, instead scroll down to the section titled ‘redirect’ putting “brianjacobson.com” in the first blank and “blurradial.brianjacobson.com” in the second blank.