Have a Domain that is running out

I have a domain that is running out and I wish to do the hosting here and I hope to also deal with the domain thru your company but cannot find any way of doing this on the site?
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Thank you

Hello Arlene,

I’d be happy to assist you with this question. My understanding is that your domain is about to expire and you would like to know how to renew it, correct? Is your domain with dreamhost or with another provider? If it’s with us I’d be glad to show you how you can renew it and if you are currently with another provider I’d be happy to show you how you can transfer you domain over, as well as setting up hosting. Please let me know

Cedric H


I figured it out when going to the page to transfer the domain there is a sample domain their and I needed to delete that to make it work.

So I now have the domain transfer process going forward!!!

I am wondering if I need to wait for the domain to transfer before I can upload to the dreamhost server.