Have a "bear bones" server/sertup

Some of us, (myself being one of them) would much prefer an option at set up allowing us to have no “services” such as php, apache, etc, installed.

While I understand that dreamhost is really geared towards making things simplified, fast, and for the most part easy for the majority of it’s customer base, for me, that takes all of the fun out of having a server. (In this case, VPS). Further, having outdated versions of these services is not what I want. I understand, “you have root, you can install new versions”. Tell me why I spent several hours yesterday not only trying to install the new version of PHP through source, and even using the “install script” mentioned in the wiki. Even after successful “installs”, running “phpinfo()” resulted in it still saying I was using DH’s “old” version of 5.3. Things got so bad from my “installs” and trying to do this that, “resetting” the vps in the control panel resulted in a missing “php.ini” file (phpinfo() said I had no php.ini file), which I again, couldn’t fix. In the end, I canceled my hosting package because my server was so screwed up and I was about to go look for a new one.

I’m actually not sure why, but I decided to give DH another shot. I’ll admit though, part of this reason was because I was too afraid of paying for another hosting company which I would end up strongly DISLIKING for different reasons. At the same time, having php5.4.11 is a HUGE deal to me.

Now, I claim to be no expert in server administration, but I understand a fair amount. I have installed php and apache from scratch on previous systems. (Dedicated servers) where nothing was previously installed. They just gave you the “root” login, and said “here, go have fun, you’re on your own”. Dreamhost doesn’t even give you the root login. I still remember when I signed up, I spent several minutes trying to login via SSH to my server with my base account username and password, thinking that they were the root u/p.

TL;DR suggestion: Option for “bare bones” server. Nothing installed, just given a “root” password.

Would you really want the unknown neighbours on your VPS having root access?

sourcy: Once we’ve got it up and running — which (crossing my fingers) should be soon — DreamCompute may be pretty close to what you’re after.

The “P” in “VPS” stands for “private”. You don’t really have neighbors. (Besides the other guests on the host machine, and those don’t have access to your guest.)

I don’t follow. Right now can you not create “root” users?

Am I missing something?

@Andrew F, looks promising actually.

The “V” in VPS stands for “virtual”. I would have thought the root user has access to all guests.

@sourcy: I believe they call them “admin” users on VPS here. A dedi would be more in line with what you’re describing.

Nope! Each VPS guest is its own separate little world, with its own root user and everything. In most respects, they’re not all that different from dedicated servers, besides that they don’t actually have their own hardware. :slight_smile:

If each VPS is actually running it’s own OS, then what’s stopping OP from sudo’ing via an admin user to apt-get or install from source into the system rather than userspace?

Nothing at all. That’s exactly what admin users are there for. :slight_smile:

Ahh! :wink:

Is DreamCompute that close on the heels of DreamObjects?

Must be incredibly exciting rolling out all this stuff almost simultaneously.

Yes, we’re looking to start the Beta for DreamCompute very soon so that will be exciting! In the meantime you can set up sudo access for VPS and Dedicated and you are welcome to go unmanaged and clear out everything you don’t need (I do realize that’s not as convenient as having it ‘bare metal’ from the start but with that level of access it’s relatively trivial to rm the things you don’t wish to have on there.