Hate being new


So this website thing is extremely new to me and i’ll be asking anyone for help.

currently on my website there is a big go daddy thing and I don’t want that there… infact all I would LOVE to do is put something as simple as a picture up.

Figured it would be WAY easier than it is. Watching many tutorial videos, I guess I set up an email for myself with gmail… I am the only user with 1 domain and the FTP thing will not allow me to login.

It tells me when I try…

“too many links” or “don’t have permission on the server”

I can ONLY assume WEBFTP login is where I"m able to add / change things to the website? I want to experiment as much as I can because in the next 8 months I want to transform one domain name I bought into basically a resume type page. To make it more difficult I want it to be Java Scripted but for now I’m just trying to get the basics down.

If Dreamhost is literally this complicated, I might just stick with godaddy’s thing.

BUT… basically to sum this entire thing up… I want my webpage to go from godaddy advertisement bullshit to a .GIF image which will cycle through pictures. How do I do this ://


Not to be funny but I highly recommend you using some google-fu to look up html basics and also on how to use ftp. If you know absolutely nothing it will be hard for any of us to give you advice on even basic things that you would understand. Also, if your domain name is parked at godaddy, you need to change the dns to point to dreamhost nameservers instead (ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com,ns3.dreamhost.com). then you would need to go to your dh control panel and add the domain name to be fully hosted. if you have not at least changed nameservers that means godaddy is serving pages for your website instead of dreamhost.


the html i have been playing with a lot and making silly things. i got that down moderately acceptable.

DH Control Panel…

add domain?? I really don’t see anything on this again hate this feeling of being ‘new’ not knowing things and asking such stupid questions… I now understand what people who come to my regular forums feel like asking dee dee derr questions.
and no worries on being offensive with me… only 2 words that get me riled up and i doubt you’d know what they were, so all is fair game.

appreciate the response from you, sorry it took so long for me, work 2 jobs O.o

okay… before i post, “non-editbale dreamhost dns records”

okay so in there the NS is ns1.dreamhost.com 2 & 3… so because that is set, how am I suppose to switch it from go daddy when there is nothing about go daddy on there? the domain name as far as i know has been changed… any other advise i’ll deff do this! Thank you SOO much, truly appreciate it.


After you log into your panel click on ‘Domains’ on left of page, then 'Manage Domains" and click on ‘Add New Domain / Sub-Domain’. This will allow you to add the domain at Dreamhost. DON’T TOUCH “non-editbale dreamhost dns records”.

As you have registered the domain at GoDaddy you’ll have to change nameservers on their website. Incidentally you have a free domain name registration that comes with the hosting so unless you have specific reasons to keep hosting and name registration separate you may wish to transfer the domain name to DH.

Once you have changed nameservers (may take several hours to take effect) you’ll be presented with the DH holding page. You’ll have to load your own pages using some ftp program - recommend the free Filezilla.

Start with simple html pages and build on them. Forget javascript for the present.

Most of us have had to go through the stage you are going thru now.



Thank you for the response

I have gone to Go Daddy and changed the NS in their settings to dreamhost where it has been 24 hours and still hasn’t changed. however I did something prior tot he NS change where that has taken effect (forwarding). So I have undone that about an hour ago and awaiting to see what happens… for the FTP program, I’m trying to figure out how I can start with a blank page and start typing.

I found out… everytime i go to login, it says error: to many links!

then i close the tab, reopen the ftp page and it logs me in giving me a number of errors that fade in and out for unknown reasons. Some are so rapid I can’t read the entire thing as it’s across the entire bottom.

I don’t plan on doing all too much with the site RIGHT NOW. i just didn’t want GODADDY advertising on my page :slight_smile:

this sounds stupid… but i found a page i can not help but only laugh because of how basic. http://www.phil.so Hilarious!!!

but anyways… once i AM logged in, I have a bunch of things that are automatically there. If i were to delete all these, would anything bad happen to the page or would it be blank? also is there a certain program I need to create these html documents or can I just upload creations I come up with from… notepad (as an example)?

Thanks again for the wisdom all.


If you are talking about the folders (like Maildir and logs) you should leave them alone as they are for other things that come with your hosting. On DH your pages should be in the folder yourwebsite.com (whatever your website is).

Yes, you can just make your pages with notepad instead of having some sort of gui editor to make your pages. In this day and age though there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Save yourself hours (possibly months) of time and just go with some sort of content management system. There is absolutely no reason for people to be hand-coding html pages other than for practice in general.

WordPress is available as a one-click install. It is very easy to use for beginners. Its good to learn html, php, mysql, etc (and it is highly recommended imo) but it is a better use of your time to get your site up now and learn how to customize it (and preferably on a development version on a sub-domain or something instead of your live site).