Does anybody here have experiencing setting up hashcash.io on a non-CMS site?

https://hashcash.io/ (See option 3 at the bottom.)

I can get the client side to work, but I have no idea where to put that PHP.

I did tweet the hashcash.io team, stating that I wasn’t sure where the PHP went; their response was that there was “proof of concept on the webpage”. I need something a little more explicit.

I have tried incorporating it into the same document as the contact form is on; all I get is a “Notice: Undefined index: hashcashid” notice, and no padlock.

Any ideas or pointers would be greatly welcome.

does your domain work for you?

Yes, my domain works just fine. I just want to figure out how hashcash.io works on a non-CMS website.

This page may help https://github.com/hashcash/jquery.hashcash.io/blob/master/README.md

Yes, but where does that php go?

The long bit goes in your web page, usually at the top
The smaller bit wraps around your submit button.

I think

I tried it at the bottom; no go. I didn’t think of trying it near the top; I’ll give that a go. Thanks.