Has you Dreamhost email been breached?


Has anyone else had their Dreamhost email breached? Phishing emails were sent to my contacts appearing to be from my Dreamhost email account. I am trying to determine if Dreamhost itself was breached or if my email password was compromised elsewhere.

Thanks in advance!


Have you been able to look at the headers of those emails?


Yes I have. The emails did originate from Dreamhost and Dreamhost support has acknowledged that. My concern is that if Dreamost themselves have been breached, changing my password (the “solution” recommended by support) will be of little help. That is why I was wondering if others had been breached.


First port of call is to always secure your securables. Change your password - it’s more likely that your account password was guessed and is being used or there was a breach on a machine that uses a mail client connected to your email account that is sending email out.

Ensure all machines where you use your email account are secure and that you change your password to something more secure. Monitor, then assess going forward.


Thank you for the advice. I have already taken those actions, but would still like to know that Dreamhost has ensured that the service itself has not been breached. Seems like a reasonable action on their part.


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