Has the reliability of Dreamhost webmail dropped of late?


Has the reliability of Dreamhost webmail dropped of late?

I have been getting lots of errors with Dreamhost webmail lately. Am I the only one, or has Dreamhost ceased to care about the quality of their service, encouraging users to switch to gmail?


The truth is that I do not ever given me a problem, you can always open a ticket if you have any problems, but anyway you can install your own customized webmail eg www.yourdomain.com / webmail, Squirrelmail or Roundcube can use are open source, the lower will the official website and there you will find the instructions to install


Yup, they are seriously having reliability issues. Tonight is the third night in a row where I’ve had to stop working on a client’s website because suddenly his Dreamhost-hosted domain is inaccessible. I tried opening a ticket with tech support, but guess what? Their web panel is also down.


Wow, this is an OLD thread about webmail and you revived it to talk about a network issue.