Has something happened to the databases?


Hi there,
I haven’t done anything remotely to do with a database since October and now I’m stumped.

Whenever I call a database on my site it is unable to connect and says tables don’t exist, even though my script has the right dbname, dbuser and password.

Has DreamHost upgraded to a new version of something at all?

Sorry for the newbie type question blush


Have you been able to manually log into the database? Try phpMyAdmin either from the SQL section of the panel, or by going to db.yourdomain.com with your db user and password.



That’s another problem, whatever combination of passwords I try, it won’t let me into phpMyAdmin and I’m not sure where to recover my details.



you could always add a new user to that database.


Hi, thanks for replying.
I’ve tried adding new users, even deleting the database and creating a new one, nothing doing on all counts.


Drop a line to Support. They should be able to clear things up; at least with usernames and passwords.