Has mysql performance improved?

I read some posts on this board from last month indicating that the sql servers were being overloaded and therefore database sites (like the wordpress blog I’d like to host) are operating slowly. Has the status improved since then?


I am using several databases on a few different servers and they are all operating at a quick clip. You shouldn’t have any problems with the blog.

There seem to still be back-end issues that disrupt mySQL (I had some issues yesterday, for instance) but, in general, I have noticed an improvement in mySQL speed and performance.

So, is that an oxymoronic statement? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I’ll be signing up.

I run an ad server from one of my domains and the ads show on another domain of mine. It’s php/mysql and no performance problems.

It would be good if Dreamhost kept some stats on what the problems really are. I suspect not all of them are their fault but rather users who aren’t experienced with sql.

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Those probs you read about last month were localized to only certain servers, I believe. MySQL performance has, generally, always been pretty darn good at DreamHost…