Has anyone successfully hosted a .it site here?

I bought a TLD in italy (.it) through GoDaddy and have been unable to point it at dreamhost’s nameservers. I just recently bought another domain through GoDaddy and successfully pointed it at dreamhost, but the .it domain has an error when I try to set the nameservers.

Has anybody successfully hosted .it on Dreamhost via GoDaddy?

This is probably due to the fact that DreamHost does not have a record for that domain in it’s name servers. Use the panel to set up full hosting for the .it domain first. Then, set the name servers for the domain. For more details see:


Let me know if that works. I have subscribed to this thread, so I should be able to reply quickly.

Is this an error at GoDaddy that you’re getting? The errors I’ve gotten at GoDaddy are because it doesn’t know the IP address of the name server I plugged in. It’s been a while, though, and I’d think that GoDaddy would know the DreamHost name servers regardless of the TLD you’re using. But see if there’s a manual way to add name servers where you can add the IP address also.

@sdayman yes this is a godaddy error. the error is:

Selected items could not be processed.
The nameservers entered encountered errors: Show

@seanthegeek Already followed those steps, and it worked just fine for a .me domain but the .it domain isn’t working.

For now I set up domain forwarding with masking on GoDaddy which should work ok as a workaround. Hope to get to the bottom of this with GoDaddy support but they haven’t been helpful so far.

The DomainHide bit caught my eye, so I ran whois:

[quote]whois CROPPY.IT

Domain: croppy.it
Status: ok
Created: 2010-07-31 02:00:46
Last Update: 2010-07-31 20:10:10
Expire Date: 2011-07-31

Name: Christoph Glitsch
Organization: Privacy Protection Service Ltd.
ContactID: CGP4726361-BNIB

Admin Contact
Name: Christoph Glitsch
Organization: Privacy Protection Service Ltd.
ContactID: CGP4726361-BNIB

Technical Contacts
Name: Luke Hunter
ContactID: CR53846729-ZLPR

Organization: 1 Api GmbH
Name: 1API-REG


Maybe this how GoDaddy handles domain privacy. I can’t post the whois data for domaincontrol.com without violating VeriSign’s terms of service. But, the whois record for domaincontrol.com is very strange.

the nameservers do resolve to GoDaddy IPs though.


I have never seen DNS privacy in this way, so I suspect it may be the root of the problem. I have heard GoDaddy has a generally bad reputation now I understand why.[hr]
You may have better luck contacting GoDaddy at their Network Operations Center Address: noc@godaddy.com They should more knowledgeable than the tech support.

Because of the rules in Italy you need a proxy there to handle registration, which is another service that godaddy provides. Thats probably why the registration information looks strange. It doesn’t actually say DomainHide, thats just a paste error. Should say either Show Domain or Hide Domain but for some reason picked up both when I copy/pasted.

I’m having the exact same issue with GoDaddy and they haven’t been very helpful. Did you ever find out whats going on?

Have you tried contacting noc@godaddy.com ?

I ended up giving up on getting this to work (I never tried contacting noc@godaddy.com). Instead I managed to find an acceptable .com domain. The extra cost and hassle and user-confusion of a .it domain just isn’t worth it.

i’ve two domains .it here: http://www.davethewave.it and http://www.hctrieste.it
note that the italian NIC does not allow to have authoritative dns out of italy.
so you have to modify dns manually, by copying ip values from DH wep panel.
bye DaVe

YES, finally.

Step 1: Add the domain in your Dreamhost Panel and make note of both the nameserver and the IP address for each nameserver. It should be something like…


Step 2: Set the custom nameserver in GoDaddy like you would any other domain but be sure to include the nameserver IP address for each.

Why? My understanding is .IT domains require the nameserves to be resolving properly before an update can be made to the registered domain. If you want to use your own nameservers you must set them up first.