Has anyone set up Nagios on a VPS?

We’re trying to set up Nagios on our VPS and having a lot of trouble. Has anyone else managed to get it working?

We installed NRPE on the box and started it up; it started fine and said it was bound to port 5666. Both lsof and ‘netstat -at | grep nrpe’ agree that it was bound to that port. Yet, when we tried to verify this by doing “telnet $IPADDRESS 5666” from the VPS command line, telnet just hung, unable to even locate the server. We thought maybe there was some kind of firewall or something, so we tried “telnet 5666”, which usually bypasses such things; same (non)result. Ditto for when we tried from an outside box.

Any thoughts?

Never mind, we figured it out ourselves. To save others the trouble, here’s some info: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Nagios

Sorry for the late response, but I think your trouble binding to port 5666 was probably because we use Nagios ourselves, with a daemon running on the VPS host machine. :slight_smile: