Has anyone installed an RPM?

I found this cool code that apparently could manipulate a .jpg file on the back end after it’s uploaded. But it’s in an RPM and I’ve never dealt with any Linux based programs. Good old Wikipedia taught me a bit but not enough.

Are we able to load these in Dreamhost? and if so how? and should I be downloading a certain version of the RPM?

Thanks So Much!!!

RPM is RedHat Package Manager. DreamHost runs Debian, so that’s not going to work. The good news is that you can install software from source code, so if you grab the source, you can probably install your particular application. Which application is it?


I don’t know too much about it but it’s called libjpeg. Super newbie at RPMs, i don’t even know how to view it!..notepad’s not working.

Dreamhost already has libjpeg.

Did you need to compile a particular version?

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