Hardware Questions

I am looking at changing my hosting company and DH certainly looks nice. I looked around their site but couldn’t find the answer to these questions:

What type of hardware setup does DH use? IDE or SCSI, mirroring, Cisco routers, daily backups, etc.

Which version of PHP4 and MySQL do they use?

Is their plans to upgrade to PHP 5?

Do they have phpMyAdmin running for their clients?

Is there more than one MySQL server running?

Does the MySQL server take requests from IP addresses from outside of the DH network? IE a PHP script running on a different host or a MySQL client program running on my computer at home.

Do servers run on Unix or Linux?

What webserver do they use?

The webstats look kinda gheto. Are there any plans to change them?



Not in the near future because allegedly there are some Big Differences so that many users’ existing scripts will break. They are looking into ways of working around this, but no word yet on the progress. They might answer in this thread though!


Yes, there are several, but I don’t know how that’s distributed over all the customers.

I don’t see why not.

They all run Linux, and I think they use Debian. They do a great job of keeping it up-to-date and secure.

Apache. Version … um? But they do a great job of keeping it up-to-date and secure.

No, there are no plans, but customers can install and run any other stats they want.

Hope this helps for starters. I’m sure several others can and will post helpful replies.

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Our hardware and software configurations are subject to change at any time so we don’t tend to make the information public.

We are currently using Intel-based dual processor machines. We put ‘enough’ memory in them to accommodate as many sites as we plan to put on the machine. We add more if the distribution of sites that ends up on the machine requires more.

We are currently using IDE drives in our hosting machines (SATA soon, if not already), but all of the user data is housed on SCSI and fiber channel fileservers.

We do use cisco routers, though I’m not sure why it matters. Other brands perform well as well. We currently use other brands of networking equipment (switches, etc) in addition to Cisco. We use whatever does the best job for the money.

User data backups are done every 8 hours and are rotated in such a way that we have copies of data for up to about 2 weeks.

MySQL servers are shared and we move databases around to keep the distribution even and the performance up.

We will be upgrading to PHP 5 once we feel the codebase has stabilized sufficiently. Every PHP upgrade breaks a lot of user scripts so we have to be careful about it. Some customers are running their own copies of PHP 5 from their home directories.

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