Happy with Dreamhost

I think both hostmonster and dreamhost are fine hosts.

However, there is one feature in dreamhost that I needed bad.

You can host hundreds of domain with one folder. Just set up that all domains refer to one folder and that’s it. That’s the way to go.

I don’t think we can do that in cpanel can we? Also if we want to modify or upload lots of files, in cpanel we have to upload it one by one. Yes we can use batch ftp but that’s still problematic.

Also hostmonster doesn’t allow porn sites. That’s really sucks. I don’t want to get near religious bigots.

Hell, I’ll try the other one but I am quite happy with dreamhost right now even without the coupon code. Even without coupon code it’s already cheap anyway.

Some support told me that I have grown too big for shared hosting. They want me to move to PS.

However, sales told me that we can rent several dreamhost accounts. They really should make that clear in TOS. I don’t mind paying full price for each.

Also in regular cpanel hosting, I need to specify how much bandwidth each domain need. I often overallocate and under allocate. What a mess if you have 300 domains like me.

Now, in dreamhost no such headache.

Hey, I’m glad that you are happy in DH.

DH is using its own panel. Those who are familiar with cpanel may need to take some time to get used to it. But it makes hosting easier for us.

I never tried hostmonster before. Since I landed here and am happy here, I’ll just stay here :slight_smile:

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Of course there are aspects that can be improved. I think customers should be able to enable wildcard dns by themselves. One dreamhost support name Joshua can do that automatically with a script.

However some refused if I asked that for too many at once. I mean they do it one by one. So I got to ask that to be turned on 15 domains at a time.

Not a big problem for me. But I feel bad for giving extra work for support. Also I wanted to give good rating to those who supported me and the rating system doesn’t work. Have mentioned about it several times.

Oh, if customers can do wildcard DNS then I can just make my own script automating it. Save everyones’ time.

Also the TOS is not clear. Sales say you can buy several if you don’t abuse coupons and TOS says you cannot.

Finally, we all know that those who use dreamhost will never ran out of bandwidth. I think customers deserve to know the amount of resources (CPU and memory) they used and a consistent hard limit not to exceed.

That way when I reach my limit I’ll just order another dreamhost account which I would pay full price. I don’t like restriction on not hosting some domains previously hosted anyway.

What happened is I had no info and suddenly a support told me I am using too much resources. Fortunately he quickly reinstate my account. Nice guy. Not a biggy. It drove me panic though.

Of course, if I cannot have more than 1 dreamhost account, I will have to find other host for the extra baggage. What choice do I have? So I need to be allowed to buy many here.

The affiliate programs need to be modified. If someone sign up with referral then he has that restrictions. I bet anyone would just delete their referral code. So I can’t promote dreamhost except to close friends. Sorry guys. Opportunity costs here.

If I am not wrong, you can have multiple accounts if you did not use any promo code to sign up.

I don’t know what happened but DH does mind if somebody uses too much CPU resources.

DH is improving all the way. They’ve done a great job and let’s hope their business will be better.

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Of course they do. That would hurt their other customers if they don’t. I am totally okay with that.

What I would suggest is that customers should be able to easily know their CPU and memory usage.

Anyway, it’s not a biggy. Uh… I noticed that other shared hostings are often cheap too (won’t mention it here). Wow… Dreamhost is good but now I have options.

Yes, Matt’s Mormons have a long way to go before they catch up to Josh’s Jokers. I’ve dealt with Heaton’s lot and discovered first hand that they pay people to snoop through their client’s private data. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could kick their over/under-medicated CEO.

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There’s been some disagreement over whether you can sign up for more than one account. Support has said that you can sign up for two accounts if you want one PS account and one non-PS account.

Michael came on here on these forums and said that we’re only allowed one account, so I take that as the most definitive answer so far.

It’s certainly the case that if you are a single individual hosting multiple sites and if this causes you to exceed the limits of shared hosting, Dreamhost directs you to Dreamhost PS. They will not encourage you to get multiple accounts (unless the support person makes a mistake and contradicts the head honchos).

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