Happy vs Crazy

I have read posts about the difference between the Happy and the Crazy hosting plans by Dreamhost, but I still have a few questions.

  1. I can see what the happy offers, is there a page that says what the Crazy offers and perhaps a page that compares the two plans?

  2. Does the Crazy have unlimited bandwidth?

  3. My status page says I have the following, what the hell does BW per cycle refer to and how does one measure it?

459.00 GB Disk (Grows 2 GB / week)
Used: 0 B (0.0% - Overage $0.01/MB)
8.89 TB BW per Cycle (Grows 40 GB / week)
Used this Cycle: 0 B (0.0% - Overage: $0.10/GB)

  1. Are there any service level differences between the plans?

  2. Is there a reason for me to stay on my current plan ($7.95 amonth vs $8.95 for Happy plan).

  3. I have not used the account much, just for the odd bid of Dev work, is Dreamhost up to supporting a busy site, albeit with an upgrade to a dedicated server and is there an option for me to use VMware and get really serious?



  1. I think both are redundant due to “Unlimited” these days.

  2. I don’t believe it did, no.

  3. BW per cycle means available bandwidth quota for that cycle (usually a month). So you currently have around 9 Terra-bytes of bandwidth per month up your sleeve.

  4. The TOS changed between plans - “Unlimited” accounts can’t host sites such as file sharing services, mirror repositories, etc.

  5. Unless you plan to exceed your current quotas there’s no need to change plans.

  6. With the VPS service you can bump your reserved memory up to the multi-Gigabyte level. The cost per month goes up in line with your allocated CPU/memory, which is highly configurable (as well as being changeable on-the-fly). If you’re planning on doing some serious development with full root you might consider alternate semi/dedicated hosts, but the VPS here is a decent and affordable Linux option.


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I still have a copy of what crazy hosting plan offers.

You can see what happy hosting plan offers at DH

Probably this will give you some ideas.


I believe per cycle means per month at DH. It means you have 8.89TB BW (Bandwidth) per month. Used this Cycle indicates how much BW you have used.

No except unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth with happy hosting plan.

If you are happy with your current disk space and bandwidth, you can stay and save $1/month.

A busy site will not survive on a shared server. Depends on your traffic, you can try DH VPS first then dedicated server.

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I just wanted to make my own quick response to this. I actually had an incident where someone accidentally switched by account to the unlimited plan. In inquired about it but never approved it. Once anyone changes your bandwidth to unlimited then it can’t be reverted back so it is a one-way trip. My plan didn’t actually change but the allocations did so I just made the switch over. For me I saved $9 per month making the billing switch but I lost my phone callbacks which I never used anyways.

P.S. - The general rule still seems to apply. Assuming your websites do not cause any issues you won’t have a problem here. Keep your sites running as efficiently as possible and use caching if you can.