HAPPY Dreamhost Customer

Dreamhost has been the best hosting experience I have had other than hosting myself on this machine. Right now they are having a bit of routing issues causing packetloss and slow page loads, and access to the control panel is hard or non-existant. People are going to complain and so forth, the type of people that feel the need to vent in a public forum so others can see.

Personally, my site was down once during nearly a year I have been with Dreamhost, and that was due to a massive power failure. My sites are all up right now and working, and support is posting to dreamhoststatus.com, so I am informed and happy. It will get fixed.

Let them piss and moan, I am loyal and happy with Dreamhost.

I am a happy Dreamhost customer.
y0himba.net | Online Status

You obviously don’t make money from your websites. Every minute my sites are down is money I’m losing, and customers who won’t ever come back because the site doesn’t load.

Actually I do from one of them, and it isn’t down. It has been down only once, during the power problems.

I am a happy Dreamhost customer.
y0himba.net | Online Status

God bless Dreamhost! They are the most blessed of all hosting companies in the universe! Thank God almighty for gracing the planet with their presence.

This sure sounds familiar…I noticed that you only showed up on these forums, touting “alternate hosts” when things started to get ugly again…uh huh…

Your profile says it all…


You are a common Internet troll. Pathetic. That is my personal site, and no mention was made of profit from it. That’s something you dug up in order to get a rise out of me. Acting as your are, why would I ever give you my business site or my other sites?

You are in here posting links to other hosts to look cool or tough or something. You are trying to goad me into a fight in order to fulfill some need you have to be superior or whatever. Common pathetic generic Internet troll.

If you want to think that I work for Dreamhost to fulfill your need, go right ahead. I don’t however.

If you have something constructive to post I will be glad to engage you in discussion, other than that, enjoy spouting your pathetic little Internet troublemaker garbage to the masses, and being completely ignored.

Dreamhost is a wonderful host, and I have had nothing but good experiences with them, prompt support, great and easy features, and very little downtime in nearly a year I have been with them. When they were down, as now for some folks, they have done everything they can to scamble and fix it up.

Please, feel free to enjoin one of the hosts you are touting instead of trying to get attention and look cool or “leet” in a forum on the Internet.

I am done with you. Reply and try to look tough or save face or whatever it is you have a need to do, you get no more replies from me.

I am a happy Dreamhost customer.
y0himba.net | Online Status

[quote]Personally, I think y0himba works for Dreamhost. I think they send their goons in here to try to spread propaganda.

Because you’re an idiot.


Well, if all of y0himba’s sites are up, why in the world would she/he be hanging out in the forums? There’s no reason at all to be here.[/quote]
Actually, this is and always has been a customer support forum – not just a place for spammers and dirtbags to hang out.

Read the forum titles. The purpose of this forum is clearly marked and obvious to anyone that’s not brain-dead.

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Does anyone here like frog legs?

since you’ve been cross-posting, I’ll do the same…

If you check back through the status logs, you’ll see DH has had more than one outage that dropped all services within the past year. So all you’re saying with that comment is you don’t pay close enough attention to your sites to have an accurate perspective.


Yawn. Do it from your real screen name… if your balls ever grow back.

You weren’t even smart enough to reply to his post when insulting him. Good job.

You can’t even pick on a little girl without hiding behind a fake name. If you weren’t so stupid, you’d see just how pathetic you really are.

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Did I invite you to my troll fest? I checked the guest list but I cannot find your name. You did RSVP, si?

Dreamhost has the fastest servers in the hugest of all universes!


Wow… he’s happy with DH and his sites are operational, so he must work for them?

What an idiot.

Go ahead, leave DreamHost. If you’re as dedicated to annoying DH support as you are to annoying this community, they’d probably pay you to transfer your domain(s) away.

DreamHost rules.

Stephen Harper

Ouch, that would hurt even more if you’d log in with your name to post it.

You’re really grasping. The funny thing is that you know every single thing I’ve said about you is true… and this really is the best you can do.

At this point, I don’t blame you for being a spineless coward and hiding behind a fake name.

The sad thing is that you had to put a lot of thought into that post–and probably gave yourself a high-five as you submitted it.

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I just registered:


Go love Stephen Harper!

People have businesses, and 80% of their servers crashed or some foo happened. They have too many customers and too little staff. They don’t know how to manage them two together.

My site been down almost once every month. And now its been down for 24 + hours! Slow, down…

They should try to look into reality and start hiring more technical onsite guys. Cause it is clearly the case that they are short of staff. Maybe they all care about greed.

I guess dreamhost is just a place for personal websites. No Company or Buisiness should be hosted on DREAMHOST. It should be only for organizations, information, personal websites. Any Business/Company websites would not do too well wrt to the 60% uptime they have.

I was hoping to redirect my customers here, but clearly that would give a bad name for myself since every day, every minute, every second is money. And now its been down for 24 hours + and no sign of relief except a timeoutpage. I guess they wont conpensate their customers.

Before, the power went out, and their state of the art generators wern’t working (do they really have generators?)… And now this.


Hey Genius, how many customers do you think they have–30? Try thousands. Do you see thousands of people here complaining? No? Then I guess they have thousands of happy customers. Wait, don’t use that math, since it doesn’t agree with your nonsense.

Yeah DH sucks… they’re the only host in the world that ever had downtime. Being the 24th largest host doesn’t mean anything since there are only 25 hosts on the planet. Everyone signed up at DH because they hate it here. No one is at DH because they want to be.

Wow. I tried to sound stupid, but I still came off as a genius compared to you.

Did your balls grow back yet? Ready to sign on with your real name, or are you still busy spamming for other hosts?

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Yeah, I guess you could consider that an objective analysis of the DH customer base… if you completely ignored the fact that, by and large, only dissatisfied customers (or extremely satisfied customers) post in this forum. Your average satisfied DreamHost customer has no reason to post here unless they’re bored.

Or a troll.

edit Haha seiler, you beat me to it!


“Whatsamattayou!?” We finally got 5 minutes without his annoying drivel, and you have to go bait him again? Arguugh! Normally, I’d be right there “troll-rolling” with you, but he enjoys it too much; he doesn’t mind looking stupid, he just likes to agitate. Right now, my vote is to ignore the fool. :wink: