Halp! I'm being sent to the spam folder!

Rut roh, Shaggy!

So I’ve set up a domain name and am putting up a website. It’s all going well, no problems, it’s coming along well.

I’ve set up two email address and this is where the problem lies. On, at least, hotmail my messages are going to the spam folder. It doesn’t seem to be doing it on gmail or yahoo. Do I just maybe have hotmail too well trained for spam? The problem is…how do I know it won’t send it to spam most of the time when I’m email people? Is the problem my domain name?

Email address: info@clicky.pics

thanks in advance for any and all information! Sorry about all the questions!

Your email address is very “spammy” in the sense that spammers always request people to “click” on “pics”. This is very popular with fake news sites, vitamin and workout infomercial sites, as well as adult websites.

To tell you the truth, as someone who’s worked in the spam filtering industry, I’m surprised that your domain name hasn’t been scrubbed by Gmail or Yahoo. I would suspect they would have done it as well.

Aside from reconsidering a renaming of your business or a new domain name purchase, I would suggest that when people register for an account on your website, you provide a small message that asks them to add “info@clicky.pics” to their contact list, which will allow all email servers, regardless of name, to accept your email, email address and header for that particular user.

Good luck!

There is too much problem with mail here.
One solution could be to accept your adress to your email but I don’t have radical solution for you.