Our Dreamhost site has been hacked and taken over twice in the past week. Are Dreamhost servers secure? Hmm. Black Code is in control of our site at this very moment–black screen with skull & bones and scary music and code gibberish and threats of Islamic terrorists everywhere. We put in an emergency technical request over 12 hours ago, and so far…Black Code rules. Dreamhost, where are you, and what’s wrong with your servers? Anybody have an answer??? I am very disappointed with this company at this point; not sure I trust ever being in control of the site again.


These sorts of things are most often caused by exploiting vulnerabilities in the CMS, forum software or scripts in use on your website and very seldom because of some inherent security problem on the server. These sorts of of exploits are your responsibility to prevent, not DreamHosts.

You say that you have been hacked twice. When replacing the site after the first time, what steps did you take, such as patching scripts etc, to prevent it from happening again?

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What makes you think the defacement you describe is the result of some insecurity on the part of DH? You have not provided any information about what your site was running. If you had nothing on your site but HTML code, it would still be unreasonable to automatically assume tha the defacement was the fault of DH, until you can prove that your account passwords were not compromised via social engineering, your use of insecure telnet access over wi-fi, etc.

Have you looked at your logs? Have you inspected your directories via SSH and looked for file modification dates. added files, foreign scripts, etc.? What have you done to determine the cause of the defacement?

It is unfortunate that you are experiencing this problem, and there are those of us on this forum that are willling to help, but we cannot help you if you will not help yourself. Being upset at DH about it, until you know what happened and how it happened, is pointless.



That plus the fact that hes posting anonymously doesn’t quite give too much credit imo.

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sigh…looks l ike anonymous open another thread which reads like he/she intended to continue this one…going there…sigh…



and no URL for the site in question.

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