Does dreamhost do background backups of databases? Recently one of the packages I use on my website was “hacked” by a script kiddie and I don’t have a recent backup of the database.


Yes, they try to, though you should always rely only on your own backups. :wink:

From the Control Panel -> Goodies -> Manage MySQL screen, click the “Restore DB” link under the “Actions” column on the far right of the screen adjacent to the listed Database in question, and follow the instructions on the following screen. :wink:

I’d make sure I closed the attack vector before restoring; you don’t want to just have it hacked again!



Yeah, shame on me for not regularly backing up. Just a pain to go in there and manually back up these databases every week or whenever. I suppose I just didn’t think anyone would want to target my site for that sort of stuff.


I hear ya, but you don’t have to do it “manually” if you would rather automate the process if you can work in the shell:


From there, if your database can be compressed (tarballed?) enough to be able to be sent via email, you can use mutt from the command line to send the file to you “automagically”.



I have a cron job to automate my sql backups.

Backup creates a tarball, then PGP (GPG) encrypts it on the server, and sends the backup to another server.

As it’s PGP encrypted, it’s got that extra security in case it falls into the wrong hands.


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Just make sure you don’t forget your passphrase… cough.

/creates new GPG key.


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