Hacked website: "nouse was here" on my homepage

And my FTP blocks me now.

I’ve been a customer with dream host for I think more than 10 years. This is the first time my website got hacked and taken over.

Goto bloggins.net and the homepage says “nouse was here” like some sort of hacker tag.

I want to try to FTP in so I can see what happened but I get unknown/invalid username when I try to FTP… Never had that before…

I’m all paid up, monthly auto renewal… My domain has 7 months remaining until registration expires…

I contacted support twice and haven’t heard back in the past two days.

Then, I tried to register with these forums to post this experience, and when I put in my registration info, I got the message that "my details match a known spammer and I’m blocked access to the forums…


Seriously, what is going on here?


Can you SSH into your site?

thanks perry I can ftp in now. good idea to ssh tho.