Hacked site.. second in the past month

Kind of embarrassing really. I have done quite a bit of HTML, CSS and even advanced Actionscript with Flash… but my server side skills are limited to say the least.
I know very little about databases or server side languages such as PHP.

Thought I would give you the background of my knowledge so that you know how to phrase your response :slight_smile:

My wifes wordpres website was blacklisted by google for redirecting users to sweepstakesandcontestsinfo.com/… and I basically just started over from scratch. But now MY site is doing the same thing.

I searched these forums for a solution and the two threads I found read like complicated legal documents to me! :? HTacces files? Huh? Javascript embeds? Extra PHP files I cant find?

Is there a simple way to fix this that doesnt require alot of knowledge of PHP or Database admin?

Trying to find the embedded script is tough… considering I dont know exactly what ANY of the script is doing in the wordpress site! Fair warning… I will probably be asking alot of noob questions? But hey … Im new here!

Thanks guys

Contact Support. Apparently the sweepstakes thing was so big that they created some tools to help recover from it.