Hacked server - cannot delete index file

Because of the server being hacked on my site, www.kandiceplain.com , me and my boyfriend tried deleting the index.php file, but the file is under the root user.

Does anyone know what we can do to fix this/what we can do?



saw your posts in the other thread as well, if the files are truly owned by the root user you’ll have to contact support to get rid of them.

If the exploit used PHP to overwrite/edit your files (and your PHP is running as Apache user, not cgi/you) then you should be able to delete them using a PHP script.

I think that’s correct :slight_smile: regardless, support will eventually get you fixed up, tho it sounds like they might be busy with a bunch of similar problems :frowning:


It seems the server Zuma was hit because I had the exact same problem with the same website coming up at my URL.